Denim is one of the fashion legendary and timeless, ranging from children to adults, from the ordinary to the world-class artists also wear denim. Denim developments in Indonesia since 2009 until today is growing rapidly. Many new brands have sprung up, new kind of denim are made. To be able to make a good results of denim products, you need to learn more about denim.

DENIMSQUAD TALK is a talk show and seminar aimed at sharing knowledge and experience in denim, including technical of denim, creative industries, form a network of fellow denim enthusiasts and startup denim industry.

DENIMSQUAD TALK Vol. 1 held on Sunday, January 17, 2016 14:00 to 17:00 hours in GraPARI DIGILIFE Dago, Jl. Ir. H.Juanda no. 8, Bandung Wetan, Bandung, West Java 40116. This event is free, invite for denim enthusiasts and also open to the public.

DENIMSQUAD TALK Vol. 1, presented as a speakers Aditya Mahardhika (Creative Director Sixteen Denim Scale), Randhi Pratama (Co-founder AYE! & Co.), Bhisma Diandra (INDIGO) and Putri Mayangsari (Founder Denim Squad).

In the first session Putri Mayangsari as the founder of Denim Squad opened the show with stories about the beginning Denim Squad was born until now, Mayang also features videos made by friends of Denim Squad from around the world. The first topic that was delivered by Mayang is Denim Basic Knowledge. Denim Basic Knowledge is topic which talk about technical of denim, like what was denim, denim history, also how to care the jeans and many more.

The second session was delivered by Bhisma Diandra as a denim enthusiast, continuous with the material presented by Mayang, Bhisma discuss about styling on denim and also tips and tricks on how to choose denim that will be fit for several different body shapes, Bhisma also discusses the beginning the denim scene of local brands in Indonesia.

Interspersed with an acoustic music, the event continued with the Aditya Mahardhika third speaker as creative director of Sixteen Denim Scale. Adit tells the beginning Sixteen Denim Scale which became one of the pioneer local denim brand in Indonesia. Stood at the beginning of the year with a small shop in Bandung in 2005 until now a major brand which has a store in one of the biggest mall in Bandung.

The last speaker was Randhi Primary co-founder of AYE! & Co., One of the brands that nowadays be a favorite brand of young people in Indonesia. Randhi tells the beginning to build AYE! & Co., from zero to big like now. The journey of building AYE! & Co.  influenced by the social media, and that was very huge and also effective for their brand. Randhi also provide tips and tricks on how to build a brand to be the brand that has a distinctive character and are also much in demand by consumers.

The final section was the door prizes time, sponsored by AYE! & Co. and also a question and answer to the all speakers. The event took place with great fanfare and enthusiasm of the visitors.

The event ends with the creation of a short video to express the love of denim to all of people around the world with the words “WE ARE INDONESIA AND WE LOVE DENIM”. DENIMSQUAD event TALK Vol. 2 is planned to be held also this year in Jakarta, Indonesia.





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