Hello denimian! Here we come again, how was your day denimian?

Today, we would like to show you the #diaryofthefade came from Septian Arie Sakti (@riesakti) from Instagram. Who doesn’t love the fade of denim huh?? Everyone must be love them, but the only things that you can do is just to wear them, wear them everyday and everywhere you go. When you did it, you’ll get the genuine fade like Septian did on his denim. He worn his Sageseesmore denim for 14 month with 1 soak and 2 wash .

We have the opportunity to talk about denim with septian, this is it our interview with him, when he told to us how much he love denim and the reason of it.

when did you start to love denim?

“Initially, I love the denim world since senior high school around when I was 16 years old until today 21 years old.”

How much you love denim and why??

“My passion for denim seems to be getting bigger after I read the article about Levi Strauss and follow the forum of denim, I got much education from denim. I initially looked at the denim just as a fashion but now for me it was more than a fashion. I’m really passionate with denim. Especially denim that I use now, I feel comfortable despite having 19 oz.”

When did you wear your denim?

“I always wear denim wherever I go, when I go to college, when travelling and every where I wear denim, it is just like my girlfriend. I would not replace it until the denim is no longer fit on me. For me denim is a perfect pants in the world.”

We are very happy because day by day, the ambience of loving the denim is getting bigger. We also hope that denim will always make us happy and feel the best experience when we wear it.


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