First thing that you should to make sure is, you have an enough time to wear them for plenty times and also wear them heavily. So you have no regret if you wash your denim. Before you wash your denim, you have to wear it approx over 6 months to 1 year effective wear.

Do We Need To Wash Our Denim?

Washing a pair of raw denim also a good idea, even though there’s some denim geek who never ever wash their denim. Wash your denim is a good for sanitary purposes, kill the smell and dirty, to prevent dye transfer on clothing, accessories, and yourself!. When your skin continuously exposed with bleeding of indigo, for sensitive skin it can cause an allergic.

Is It Really Neccesarry To Wash Our Denim Inside Out?

Yes! Washing denim inside out will prevent abrasion throughout the wash cycle, extending the life of color and material, especially to keep denim dark and vibrant.

Is There Any Truth To The Oft-Believed Idea That You Don’t Have To Wash Denim Often?

This idea or concept is truly a personal preference. We’ve noticed that men are much more inclined to avoid washing, in an effort to prevent fading and protect their “perfect, worn-in” feel. While women are also concerned with color and preserving their investment, laundering becomes imperative to redeem the fit/stretch of the jeans.

How To Wash Your Raw Denim For The First Time

  1. Turn them inside out and wash them separately. Try to use no washing powder but if you feel you must just use a small amount of powder that doesn’t contain a bleaching agent, preferably Woolite Black, since it is specifically designed to lock in darker colors.
  2. Use cool water for soak it before you put a powder.
  3. Put your raw denim in the bathtub, lay your denim and soak them in the water to make your denim stick on its place, put a heavy object on your denim.
  4. Soak your denim for approx 30-45 minutes.
  5. Hand-wash is best or use the cool wash on your machine. Don’t rub your denim, wipe your denim properly.
  6. After wash, let them hang to dry the correct way out, out in the fresh air (which is always the best way). Don’t fold your denim to make it dry, just airing them.
  7. Stretch out the inseam when the jeans are still damp.

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