Variety of Denim: Raw Denim and Washes Denim

Denim are produced from two basic denim types. First Unwashed denim and washed denim. Washed denim is the most popular variety and mostly the denim production through the washes process after being a pants, shirt, etc. When denim is created, it colored with indigo or sulphur dyes. After being a ready to wear product the next process is washes denim. This time We would like to tell you all about denim washes, check this out!

Denim Unwashes:

raw denim

Raw denim are created with yarn dyed on the process and left unwashed after production. This denim is a dark look because of indigo dyes and unwashed process. The fade will appear naturally, the distress created by the wearer’s own body. When you wear your raw denim, wear its anytime, anywhere and you’ll get natural fade which is super beautiful ever. Raw denim is a favorite among many fashion-conscious consumers. Wear raw denim and get the best natural fades!

Denim Washes:

acid wash

     Acid wash is famous washes process of denim lately. The process of acid wash is very easy, you can make it by yourself at your home. Mostly acid wash is worn by woman. Because it will look too light when you wear it, but it’s pretty cute indeed. The acid wash process use chlorine for destroy the color. You can pair your acid wash denim with plain t-shirt or dark pants, superb cool!

dirty wash

     Dirty wash denim are designed to have a well-worn look. This wash will make your denim will look like you have been worn it for many years and use it for hard work. Dirty-washed denim combines dark blues with slight red, yellow, green, brown and the other color tinting, creating distressed jeans with a worn-in appearance. When you wear this denim you will totally look like a hot hard worker. You can pair your dirty wash denim with t-shirt or even a shirt, you’ll look cool!


     Stonewashing is one of the most popular finishes for denim jeans. Every classic wash denim usually use stone for their denim washes. Stonewash will destroy the color denim roughly, especially in surface of your denim. The type of stone which usually used is pimuce. However, stonewash can also combined with enzyme and hand scrapping to get the best fade of denim. Either way, stonewashed jeans will give you a classic, casual look. You can pair your stone wash denim with everything, because stonewash denim is absolutely fit for everyone indeed. Stay classy and wear stonewash denim!.

vintage denim

Vintage wash is a washes which will like a worn-in appearance. Vintage wash got distressed on certain part, the part which usually distressed are on thigh, leg, knee, etc. The trend are happening now is vintage wash with skinny cut, boyfriends cut and many other cut. Vintage wash can be used by man or woman, touch of distressed on your vintage wash denim will make you like a rough man/woman. Pair your vintage wash denim with sweater, t-shirt or shirt for your casual look, great!


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