Today we got the opportunities to interview Mr. Hamzah the founder of SAGE DENIM . SAGE DENIM is a famous raw denim brand from Indonesia.

Here you go!

“Who Lives Sees, Who Travels Sees More”- H

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

From my point of view, there is no other fabric that has been able to represent culture globally like how denim does, and the way denim depicts the wearer’s journey has always been inspiring to me.

Every creases, every shade of blue, are telling us stories about how the denim matured alongside with the wearer, nothing does that other than denim.

When did you start in love with Denim?

Back then in 2007, I was lurking in a fashion subforum of the largest Indonesian forum. I saw this thread called “Denim Heads”, I got in there and my first reaction was “What a nonsense! A pair of jeans for IDR 2 million?”, and as the months go by, raw denim lifestyle started to grow on me, and then I get myself a pair of that IDR 2 million nonsense.

My love of raw denim just getting bigger since then.

How did you start Sage Denim?

I started Sage in 2012,  with my childhood friend Varian, it is the perfect combination of things that we love, the great outdoor and denim.

First we produce our products in other vendor, then we decided to make our own workshop so we can really focus on our product development.

What does Sage Denim mean to you?

Sage represents my view on aestheticand the essential value of the denim itself.

Can you describe how to starting and running a denim brand?

It is quite complicated to describe such thing, since starting and running a denim brand would have different scenario depending on the owner’s vision of the brand itself.

But one thing for sure, you have to invest as much as you can for product development. After all, the product speaks for the brand.

Who is the target market for Sage Denim?

All denim enthusiast, who value their pair of jeans as their loyal heavyduty companion.

Can you describe your creative process for Sage Denim?

First we decide what materials we want to use for particular product, then usually I make the rough sketch, and then I will ask myself, “what does this particular design represents?” then I give that particular product a name (a product name is important to us, and the name has always been outdoor inspired), then I finalized the design that can depict its name better.

Where does Sage Denim inspiration come from?

The great wild outdoor, I really like the look of how outdoorsman in the western hemisphere dressed so functionally yet have certain rugged aesthetic that myself cannot explain.

Who is the most influence person/country for Sage Denim?

I canot say a country in particular, because we got our influences from various sources, even the great grizzly bear inspires us. As for my view on design and aesthetic, I am highly inspired by Japanese designers like Taka Hayashi and Goro Takahashi.

Can you explain what kind of Sage Denim design/cutting?

We have our own signature Slim and Slim Straight silhouette, to accommodate the need of people with various build.

What inspired Sage Denim design/cutting?

It goes back to the previous answers, our jeans cut inspired by western outdoorsman, with their well fitted denim and heavyduty boots, ready to venture all terrains.

Can you describeSage Denim range?

We have the denim as our main product, which divided into the ready to wear and made to order. Then the apparel, and Sage Craftworks, the handmade leather works line.

Please give us a tips how to maintain and make an incredible fade from Sage Denim?

Wear them anywhere you go, a good pair of denim is the most versatile and durable companion in your journey, and don’t forget to wash them when you feel like you need to, incredible fade depends on your taste anyway.

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

Get connected with your local denim scene and community, get more educated about denim, after all, isn’t it great to know and appreciate the process and details behind something we all love?


Sage-Denim Squad

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