We all always talk about denim, isn’t it??

But have you known what exactly denim is??

Have you ever seen denim (pants, shirt, shoes, bag, or whatever)?? Absolutely you all have seen it.

Denim is a fabric with a twillย in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar diagonal ribbing of the denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck. The warp yarn is dyed (usually used indigo dyes or sulphur dyes) and weft is undyed (sometimes weft is dyed too).

The special of denim is method of dyeing, that in conventional use fabric dyeing method than denim use yarn dyed method. Dye with indigo is a special treatment, why?? because it just like a ring dye, which is penetration of dyes only on surface of yarn. So, that’s who can make denim fabric color is easy to be distract and make some fade.

source: wikipedia.com

Nowaday, denim isn’t about a clothes, but denim is a legend, denim is a life style.

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