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So, this time we would like to review this denim mist and denim solution come from Australia, we can called it as a “WIUEP”.

Here you go!


wiuep denim mist
source: www.wiuep.co


  • Aqua
  • Sugar/Corn Alcohol
  • Coconut Solubilizer
  • Certified Organic Aloe Vera
  • Certified Organic Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon Flexuosus)
  • Certified Organic Cedarwood Oil (Cedrus Atlantica)
  • Fragrance Oil, Palm Oil Free

The first time we got this denim mist, we’re so impress because the smells was so good, just like a lemongrass aroma therapy oil. We try to spray it in the room first to freshen the air (LOL!) before we spray it to our jeans. The bottle of denim mist is very interesting and made of plastic, so you have no worry for break it out.

After we spray it, we leave it for 30-60 minutes in the dry room/hang it out under the sun. We were very satisfied with the results because our jeans smells so good and we have no worry about the fades. Because we’ll still to get the best fades without wash it and there’s no stink jeans again.

Bye bye bad smells! 😀



wiuep denim solution
source: www.wiuep.co


  • 15-30% Non Ionic Surfactant
  • Soap 5-15% Anionic Surfactant
  • Alcohol 0.04% Preservative
  • All Plant based – Non Palm oil

Denim solution is the answer for all the questions which asking about what kind of detergent that they should to use. Because of the method of dye and also the dyestuff, denim fabric is very easy to bleed. If you want to get the contrast fades, you have to be careful to choose the detergent. Because most of detergent who sell in the market is contain “Chlor”, that can break the mollecul of indigo/sulphur in denim fabric. So, it’s very a critical point to choose the best detergent to wash your jeans. You should to choose detergent with “Chlor free” to avoid your jeans to fades too much.

We’re so happy to got this denim solution, because the content is “Clor free” and also this denim solution is a combination of non ionic surfactant and also anionic surfactant. The two of that can be more reactive , so this denim solution can wash the jeans more cleaner. Different from the denim mist, this denim solution has no scent. And also the bottle of denim solution is very interesting and made of plastic, so you have no worry for break it out.

Before you wash your jeans, make sure that you’ve already wore it very often about 3-6 months and also the fades pattern already appeared. Because if you want to get the contrast fades, it’s too hard if you wash it very often. Before you soak your jeans, make your jeans inside out first, then you can soak your jeans with the denim solution for 15-30 minutes, before you wash it. Don’t forget to wash it gently and also don’t brush your jeans. After you rinse your jeans don’t take the tumble dry because it can make your denim shrink, just hang it under the sun until dry with no wring it.

We’re very satisfied with the result because our denim become clean and its color is still good with no bleed too much. Don’t forget to spray the denim mist after it and your denim is ready to go anywhere with you!

You can get these product at WIUEP


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