DIY: How to Make Acid Wash Denim

Acid wash denim is happening lately. If you do not have a plan to buy a new acid wash denim, so you can make it by yourself with use your old denim, is it fun?? you can create your own denim with every style you want! ๐Ÿ˜€

So here is it, i reblog this article from wikihow, I’m sure you can make your acid washed denim by yourself at home.

Because it’s very easy to do at your home and Let’s try now!

1. Find a pair of dark denim that you are not afraid to dye and possibly ruin.

Use a dark wash for the most noticeable results.

denim 1
source: wikihow

2. Take your bleach, water, bucket and denim outside to a well-ventilated area.

Bleach is a toxic chemical that should not be ingested or breathed in.

denim 3
source: wikihow

3. Decide if you want a tie dyed look on your denim.

This is the circular flowering found in most tie dye and many acid washed denim.

  • If you do, gather a portion of denim with your fingertips. Wrap the rubber band around the gathered portion until the rubber band is very tight.
  • Repeat on other areas of your denim. Create as many tie dye “flowers” as you like
denim 4
source: wikihow

4. Consider wrapping up or bunching up the denim further by bunching the legs together and securing with a large rubber band.

denim 5
source: wikihow

5. Keep the seat and waistband of the jeans at the top, unsecured.

denim 6
source: wikihow

6. Pour 80 oz.

(2.4l) of water into your bucket. Pour 48 oz. (1.4l) of bleach into your bucket.

  • Although increasing the amount of bleach in your solution will help the denim dye more quickly, it will also weaken your denim fabric. Sometimes holes can result in unexpected places.
denim 7
source: wikihow

7. Put on your rubber gloves.

denim 8
source: wikihow

8. Push the denim, waistband and seat first, into the bleach bucket.

Allow them to stay for approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon how light you want the denim to be.

denim 9
source: wikihow

9. Turn the denim after 45 minutes to cover any sections that aren’t submerged.

denim 10
source: wikihow

10. Turn them back so that the seat and waistband are at the bottom, if you want an ombre effect, with a lighter seat and darker legs.

denim 11
source: wikihow

11. Remove the denim from the bleach bucket after 1 to 1.5 hours.

Place them over sidewalk or gravel. Rinse them lightly with a garden hose.

denim 12
source: wikihow

12. Use scissors to cut off the rubber bands.

denim 13
source: wikihow

13. Place your denim inside a washing machine.

Run a cool cycle without detergent.

denim 14
source: wikihow

14. Remove them to check that they are light enough.

They are ready to wear.

  • You can always repeat the process to achieve a lighter acid wash. Launder as usual, with laundry detergent, after the first cycle.
denim 15
source: wikihow

Let’s see the result, VOILA!!!




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