Rises of Denim

We will explain about denim rises, like as we known that denim is have a rises variety. You can choose your denim rise who fit with your body and who will make you feel comfy when you wear it. This is it denimian!

  •  Low-rise
    Low-rise denim have the smallest space between crotch and waist. This rise of denim generally sits a few inches below the belly button, so make sure to wear a shirt of appropriate length to avoid exposing your midsection. Also keep in mind that low-rise denim tend to fit tightly around the belly area, which may not be comfortable if you have a soft stomach.
  •  Medium-rise
    If you don’t feel comfortable in the hip-hugging scoop of low-rise denim but want to maintain a trendy look, think about medium-rise denim. The room between waist and crotch on medium-rise denim isn’t small, but it doesn’t extend to the rib cage, either.
  •  High-waisted
    High-waisted denim are a terrific choice for heavier men with fuller stomachs. The rise is enough to conceal the extra pounds that would be exposed in low- and medium-rise denim.


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