DIARY OF THE FADE #2 by @pateradans

Hello denimian!

How was your day??

Hopefully all of you full of blast and have a good day all day long. Today, we would like to show you the #diaryofthefade came from Patera Daniswara (@pateradans) from Instagram.

This is his short story about his denim, enjoy then!

When did you start to love denim?

“Until second grade in high school, I totally don’t understand anything about denim. But when I started my third grade, I’ve drowned about denim. Exactly when my cousins started to buy a pair of raw denim for his own. I got interested when I saw and touched for the first time the fabric of raw denim, very interesting! I started questioning about the raw denim to my cousin, but he can’t explain a lot of things because he also a new player in the world of denim”.

Where did you know about denim?

“Finally I started searching by myself on the internet through the denim. I found a local forum about denim lovers in indonesia called “Darahku Biru”. From there I finally know a things related to denim and begin communicating with the fellow denim lovers on the forum.”

What’s your first pair of raw denim??

“After discuss with members on the forum, I finally decided to buy raw denim for the first time in my life and my choice fell to Aye Denim. Aye Denim is a brand of denim from Indonesia, and it’s famous in indonesia. The advantage of this brand is that they have an many choice of fabric but for its thickness they are more likely on a middle weight and light wight and they also have some variety model of cutting. Therefore I consider this brand is suitable for people new to denim like me. My first raw denim is one of a series named is Aye Vitam 13 oz and its thickness are made of dry stretch blue denim, and they’re super slim fit (skinny jeans).”

How do you maintain them?

“I am personally very proud of my denim, because I think that denim could indicate yourself from the wearer. How to take care of my denim I actually quite easy. When it’s started smells bad, I just take them for a sun bath inside out. For me it is a simple, practical, and powerful way to keep your denim comfortable to wear. But if it starts to look dirty it’s good to just be washed immediately for health reasons.”

What do you want to say to denimian like you?

“I hope my story can give inspiration for others who have yet to recognize the denim to denim and for everyone who haven’t loved their own denim could be more loved them than now.”

instagram: @pateradans

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