DIARY OF THE FADE #3 by @bear_jare

Hello denimian!

What kind of denim do you wear today??

Can you mention the place that you have been there with your denim?? Where’s the place and what’s happen on there??

Every denim has their on story, the good one or the bad one, your denim complete your day, your way, your story and your history.

Today, we would like to show you the #diaryofthefade came from Jared Abrams (@bear_jare) from Instagram.

Actually this denim is belongs to his mom’s boyfriend and this is the little story from him that he want to show to us. This pair is a very heavy unbranded raw denim.

Jare tell to us that this pair is belongs to a cameramen for NBC news. He has worn them all over the world, like Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Canada, New York.

He even got kidnapped in these jeans while filming Richard Engle in Syria. He beat the living hell out of them and then the crotch blew out.He never washed them, and wore them straight for about 8 months.

Woooow! Can you imagine that your denim, even in a bad conditions always be with you, accompany you when you have no friends. So, now you have to love your denim, to keep them safely, to maintain them correctly, repair them.

Do you want to doing that denimian?? Of course, you want! ๐Ÿ˜€

Super interesting story, when your denim truly be your best friend, even in your very bad conditions.ย Every denim has their on story, respect to your pair of denim.

jared 2


jared 3

jared 4

jared 5

jared 6

You also can share your own fades and story behind it. Kindly join with #diaryofthefade familyย here.



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