Today we got the opportunities to interview Mr. Philippe co-founder of PHI DENIM. PHI DENIM is a denim brand collaboration of FRANCE-JAPAN. Their has unique style, that combine raw denim with a japanese traditional fabric. We really love their interesting concept!. By the way, they are running some kickstarter project now, to learn more visit here.

Here you go!

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

Denim is part of my life since I was kids, like a lot of guy. But, I had the chance to travel to Japan to visit Technical sports fabrics suppliers for my work. I visited Osaka/Tokyo and it was a shock for me to discover in real life this culture and specially the raw denim one.

When did you start in love with Denim?

Denim and Indigo is one of the base of our street wear culture. The handfeel, the fading, the story.

How did you start PHI DENIM?

We are 4 partners united behind phi.

Yukiko, Japan: Factory relationship management, PR in Japan

Vincent, France: Web marketing/ E-shop management

Alexis, France: Marketing, Financial, Sales management

Phil, France: Design and Fabrics

We started to work around the ideas to remix the Japanese Denim culture around 2 years ago. I was a indigo kimono fans and decided to build a new story.

What does PHI DENIM mean to you?

Phi means the passion of purity in greek. It’s about this quest of modernity and purity.

Can you describe how to starting and running a denim brand?

Try to work deeply the story and ensure the passion will lead. Create and develop contact in the core industry and core shop.

Who is the target market for PHI DENIM?

Mainly France, Holland, Germany, UK, US, and Japan. Then we’ll see.

Can you describe your creative process for PHI DENIM?

Quest for indigos kimonos, just use our emotion and passion to find great ones. Then working on technology using all the latests machines: laser, bonding. I’m working since a lot of time in the Sports industry with a lot of really technical process and new machines.

Where does PHI DENIM inspiration come from?

Our vision is to remix the past to invent our/the future. We don’t want to be just a brand working around vintage elements.

Who is the most influence person/country for PHI DENIM?

Definetly our creative roots are based in Japan. Tokyo is one of the most amazing city/places in the world.

Can you explain what kind of PHI DENIM design/cutting?

We started with a relax waist and tapered legs fit, it’s a good commercial fit for European market. We ‘ll now work on new fit, to expand our range to other customers and country.

Can you describe PHI DENIM range?

A Phi range, there’s no real for the moment, but in our mind the base is Denim and Kimono. Then we can imagine a lot of products. Let’s check the future.

Please give us a tips how to maintain and make an incredible fade from PHI DENIM?

Fade, Natural element are key in Japanese culture. So we decided to use the power of nature and especially the Ocean to help us to work our faded aspects without using chemicals. We use unsanforized denim quality, and old re used kimonos. Sand and salt mixed with the Ocean power are part of our story. We offer for each customers who buy one phi. 5 pockets the first ocean wash after 6/10 months. Then we can take care of them or let the people do the same. I used to wash all my denim products like that since years.

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

Hope we can bring a new way to work around denims without just talking about vintage. Think to the Future.

To get their product, kindly shop here.


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