Diary of The Fade #4 by @nicholasvallen

Have you ever fall in love with something for the first sight and that love to be the rest of your life??
That’s not just an exist on a fairytale because that’s a real!ย Nicholas already fell in love with denim at the first sight especially raw denim.ย Today we would like to share about the story how much Nicholas love his denim.
Here you go!

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The specification:
– Relaxed Tapered cut
– Around 14 ounces of weight
– Beige Weft
– 6 Months of effective usage
– Initial Soaked, Rain soaked once

When did you start to love denim?
“So basically, I’m in loved with raw denim since 2 years ago, starting as a 10 grader in high school. What I knew first about raw denim is only Nudie, just that one brand. Since then, I learn a lot of raw denim in the internet, searching for all raw denim info and stuffs”.

Why did you buy the Superdry denim?
“Here’s the reason why I bought the Superdry brand denims. I was searching for a raw denim (like nudie, momotaro, etc.) in malls, but that time, I passed Superdry sale shop which sell a non-selvedge raw denim. I know, no one would use SuperDry’s raw denim right? But because it was sale, i decided to buy it. I wear it for one year and the result was good enough, so I decided to try the Selvedge one on Superdry. And it was even more better!”.

What kind of your activity when you wear your denim?
“I’m not that type of adventurous guy that climb the mountain, etc. I’m just a guy that loves to draw and art. I’m putting my jeans on as long as I could, even I wear it when I’m going to bed! And to maintain it, I just put them in the outside so it will be aired and the jeans will keep fresh”.

Where did you go with your denim?
“I’ve been to Bali, Indonesia (which is so hot) with this jeans twice, and it was amazing! The fading process speed was increasing when I’m in Bali. My back pocket fades start to appear for just 7 days of wearing. Later on, I went to a school concert with this denim, and it was raining so hard! I’m using a raincoat that moment, so the jeans doesn’t soaked at all, from knee part to the bottom, it was all wet, but from the lap part to the top, it was dry and safe!. I’m very into Raw Denim, and my goals is to try as many as raw denim from different brands, especially from my local brand, Indonesia”.

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