Today We would like to share tips about how to maintain your rawdenim from the legend of raw denim enthusiast. The one and only, my friend Ruedi Karrer or all of you know him as @swissjeansfreak on instagram. The famous @swissjeansfreak who loved denim for all of his life, the one and only who never ever wash his denim for more than 700 days.

First, We will introduce Ruedi as well. He is a denim enthusiast from Switzerland and a founder of Jeans Museum. We talk, discuss and share about denim because both of us is super passionate with denim too and finally We become a friend now. We really adore him so much! 😀

We actually realize that your passion will deliver you to your best way and make you to be a super humble person who want to share everything you know, if you meet someone who has the same passion with you, like Ruedi did to us. Salute to him! 😀

He has a project which called Jeansmuseum, here is it a little bit information about it.

History and purpose of the Jeansmuseum

  1. How it all began:

Born in 1959, I grew up in a large 12 person family in a remote little Swiss mountain village. In the late 60’ies our family received in a cloth donation 2 Levis Big E pants. Since then heavy faded raw denim items are flowing through my body instead of blood. In 1973 I started collecting raw denim rags. As much as possible of those beloved and retired items shall survive for ever in a raw denim paradise, what they deserve after a long and hard life.

  1. Why a Jeansmuseum?

Jeans are amongst the most popular clothes world wide. Developped from work clothes to a cult object over the last decades, they are still fascinating many people. With over 2 billions of jeans produced annually, they deserve a brand independant  museum, highlighting some of their most interesting aspects.

The Jeansmuseum wanna keep the raw denim spirit alive for ever with sharing the power of natural fadings on nice samples to the visitors.The core of this spirit is all about fadings, which gives all raw denim items their unique personality during their lifetime. This denim evolution shall be preserved with many nice samples in the real world not on the virtual world only, where millions of great pics are displayed on the net.

Over 7’000 jeans and 5’000 denim jackets from the 50’ies till now have found their home in this place so far. Since 2001 the Jeansmuseum has been open to the public on request. In  January 2012 the museum has expanded with a second room.

  1. Ongoing activities

Despite the very low financial range (non commercial and no sponsors so far),  we try the best to build up this place as a raw denim heaven with the following activities:

  • The Jeansmuseum shall become the best and safest place in the world, where all your beloved retired raw denim projects can survive for ever in the real world.
  • At the moment, we have started an inventory including some pictures of all items.
  • A renewed website (in english too) is planned and will inform you about the main activities of  the Jeansmuseum with interactive contributions of all interested people. A gallery shall give an impression on what raw denim is all about.
  • Some social forums shall spread this raw denim spirit as well on Superfuture, Mynudies, Styleforum, as on blogs or other  sites like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Planned are more detailed information on a brand of the month
  • Some denim contests and other information shall encourage people to use their raw denim items as long as possible, and contribute them to the Jeansmuseum after retiring them.

Finally, after you read about his Jeansmuseum here is it a tips and guide how to maintain your raw denim from Ruedi.

Never wash guide for hard core raw denim purists

Some raw denim heads never wash their raw denim stuff because they don’t wanna loose the original indigo color. The color on all kind of raw denim stuff will change from indigo to royal blue after their first wash. But keep in mind, that with never washing you get a higher risk of cracks and crotch blowouts.You can lower this risk a bit if wearing one size over sized.

If you really wanna go this purist way I suggest to start breaking in a new raw denim pants at the beginning of the colder season, airing them a lot, some 30 minutes sun bath from time to time, put them in to the freezer from time to time or dry clean them after an accident.

In addition wear them in 3 steps:

  • first as nice office pants.
  • then for outdoor activities like hiking.
  • and at the end use them as your work pants for doing jobs out in the dirt.

That way you can receive real geat natural fading results including the patina and the so called strong character on a pants or denim jacket.

After you read this one please visit his Jeansmuseum at here and follow him on instagram as @swissjeansfreak.

You all will feel his passion on his post and comment on instagram, full of joy and positive energy person.


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