Diary of The Fade #6 by @khelan_naidoo

Hello Denimian!

How are you denimian?? Hopefully you feel of blast and happy

Today, we would like to show to you the #diaryofthefade came fromย @khelan_naidoo from Instagram.

khelan 3

khelan 2

khelan 1

khelanThese pics are his Left Field Kaihara Vertical Slubs and Naked & Famous Okayama Spirits.

Left Field Kaihara Slubs

  • 14 oz. Kaihara Mills red/blue double line selvedge denim
  • 100% cotton
  • Skull logo on inside rivets and tacks
  • American made Universal hardware
  • American made bandana pocket bags
  • Crafted with pride in the USA

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirits

  • 16oz
  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese fabric
  • Made in Canada

The Left Field’s has been worn for 3 months and N&F for 5.5 months.

You all can see these denim already faded on some area and that was awesome. These denim just worn for less than 1 years but the faded already appear, that may come from the uses of these denim and weight of these denim.

The heavier denim you wear, the sooner fade will come.

The point is you should to wear your denim as much as you can so the faded will come sooner and beautifully.

Keep calm and wear denim!

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