DENIM TIPS: How To Buy The Right Jeans For Men

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Versatile, comfortable and durable, jeans are perhaps the most essential item of clothing in any man’s wardrobe — besides underwear and socks. Jeans are the one thing that a guy can (hypothetically) wear every day of the week without looking like he’s wearing the same outfit.

The fact that they can be dressed up or down, depending on what they’re paired with, makes them an ideal choice for someone always on the go. Their versatility also means that you don’t need to have more than three or four pairs, as long as you invest in a couple pairs that are great for everyday use and one special one.

Chances are, we’re preaching to the choir because most of you know how great jeans are from first-hand experience. Another thing you probably know? Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a real challenge. Thankfully, we have a few tips for anyone wondering how to buy the perfect men’s jeans.

With the exception of food and/or electronics, shopping isn’t much fun at all. When it comes to jeans, it often implies trying on countless pairs before finding some that you like and feel as though you should buy because, heck, you’ve been standing around the store too long to walk away empty-handed. We feel you — we know this can be frustrating.

The solution to this problem? Find the brands that you like and stick to them. Chances are the fit will be more consistent than if you are constantly changing things up. Another tip we have for you is to make sure you look for jeans that are made of 80% to 100% cotton. Cheaper brands tend to mix in other fibers, like spandex, which will change the fit of the denim more drastically with wear. Blends that include linen are usually safe, and are actually a great option for spring and summer since they will yield a lighter feel.

Another issue you’re sure to come across is style. There are a lot of trends out there that we recommend you avoid, including overly decorated back pocket designs, frayed hems, and over-dramatic wash patterns. We suggest sticking to simple designs and cuts for their timeless appeal and classic look.

The last thing you might want to think about when buying jeans is the purpose you need them to satisfy. For example: Are you looking for something to wear to the office or out on the town? Knowing where you’re going to wear your jeans will help you narrow down the selection. Below are the some of the best pairs we’ve found, sorted by category and arranged by price. From affordable to bankable, you’re sure to find something just right for you.

1. Everyday Classics

Conservative enough to wear to the office, yet low-key enough to make it for Friday beers with the guys, these are the most versatile in the bunch. This category of jeans usually offers a looser fit and mid-tone washes.

John Varvatos Mid-Rise Bowery Fit Jeans

buy denimIf you want a great pair of jeans that isn’t your expected blue, try going for a mid-tone grey. The Bowery jeans from John Varvatos provides a slim fit, without compromising any leg room. Plus, the cotton here won’t take too long to wear in.

Unbranded Brand Tapered Selvedge Jeans

buy denim 1There’s no hiding how much we prefer dark washes to lighter ones. These mid-rise, relaxed jeans in indigo are versatile in both cut and color, and can be paired with pretty much anything to get you wherever you need to go.

Levi’s Commuter 511 Slim-Fit Jeans

buy denim 2No list of classic jeans would be complete without at least one pair of Levi’s. The quintessential American brand is a favorite due to its knack for nailing timeless style — from rugged to polished, they’ve got it covered. We like the Commuter pants for their durability, which is perfect for those of us who are always mobile.

Naked & Famous Tapered Fit Jeans

buy denim 3Definitely one of the more street-appropriate brands on this list. Naked & Famous uses only the best Japanese denim materials, and always executes a clean finish. You won’t find any of those extra (and unnecessary) embellishments, like embroidered back pockets or wash effects, here.

770 Garment Dyed Jeans

buy denim 4You should always have at least one pair of black jeans in your wardrobe. The 770s sit just below the waist and feature a slim thigh and leg. They lend themselves to any occasion, and look especially great paired with a simple white tee. Relax the look by rolling the cuff if you’re out when the summer sun goes does down.

2. New This Season

We always encourage sticking to the classics when it comes to men’s jeans, but it’s also great to stay on top of seasonal trends and influences. Here you’ll find our editor’s top five picks for spring and summer — from Frank & Oak to Diesel’s 2015 collection to a new palette of washes you might not have previously considered.

Express Jogger Jeans

buy denim 5Summer wardrobes often allow for a little less formality, so don’t hesitate to opt for looser, more relaxed fits if you feel so inclined. These jeans-meet-jogging pants are a great twist on your typical denim attire with their elastic waist and cuffs, drawstring and roomy pockets. They’re also made of a cotton and Lycra blend for extra movability.

Frank & Oak Dylan Denim

buy denim 6Slim and stylish, the Dylan jeans in dark blue are made from a lightweight denim that’s adjusted at the hips and throughout the leg. They are cut like a dress trouser and offer subtle detailing. These will look good no matter what else you’re wearing.

770 Japanese Denim in Faded Blue

buy denim 7Spring is the best time to start pulling out those lighter shades. Although the 770 in Faded Blue doesn’t exude the same dressed-up feel, these are great for those mid-summer relaxed office hours, or days spent outdoors (boating, maybe?).

Diesel Waykee Jeans

buy denim 8Inspired by the pencil pant of the 1950s, these jeans are meant to give your legs some visual extension. Not as slim as the Dylan jeans (above), but their straight cut offers a similar streamlined effect, plus a little extra wiggle room in the thighs.  Overall, refreshing.

3. Friday Casual

Whether you work in an ultra relaxed environment or just need jeans to get around, these are the options that offer the most day-to-day cool. And since casual jeans are less limited to uniform washes and cuts, here you’ll find models from some of the best current and classic streetwear brands, including RVCA and A.P.C.

John Varvatos Jeans in Pruce

buy denim 9These are the first non-blue, grey or black jeans we’ve recommended yet, but don’t let their placement in our roundup fool you — we’re big fans of this surprising “pruce” color. Depending on your level of style confidence, you can have fun with these or pair ’em down with neutral colors.

RVCA Daggers Fresh Denim

buy denim 10

This pair of jeans could almost be confused for a chino. They’re definitely not your typical denim pants — actually, they’re not exactly denim — but these have the same qualities, including comfort. Great for pairing with sneakers or Oxfords.

Ralph Lauren Straight-Fit Traverse Jeans

buy denim 11

Not everyone prefers slim cuts like most of the models we’ve shown you so far, and that’s ok. These straight-fit jeans from Ralph Lauren are great for day-to-day use and the office, as long as you don’t work anywhere that requires you to dress up too much.

A.P.C. Grey Selvedge Slim Jeans

buy denim 12

Selvedge jeans tend to take a little longer to break in since the material is generally stiffer. That said, it’s worth the wait — once you’ve worn them a few times, they’ll fit you like a glove. These A.P.C. grey jeans are a great style piece that hint at just a touch of urban edge.

4. Semi-Formal

Straight to slim cuts and dark washes typically make for the best office jeans, assuming you work in a formal setting. That said, these options may be conservative in nature, but don’t be fooled — some of the most fashion-forward styles can be found in this category. This is also where you’ll find jeans for semi-formal special occasions, like an anniversary, wedding or family reunion.

Mott & Bow Thompson Jeans

buy denim 13

Some of the nicest on this page, the Thompson jeans are beautifully crafted from 10.6 ounce black denim, sourced in Turkey. It’s a mid rise pant, which means you don’t have to tuck your shirt in unless you want to. Keep these for the big meetings and special occasions on your calendar.

John Varvatos Trouser Jeans

buy denim 14

Another option that isn’t strictly speaking denim, but we couldn’t not mention them. Ninety-eight percent cotton, these trouser look-a-likes are both good looking enough for the office and comfortable enough to make you last through a day of meetings.

Diesel Sleenker Jeans

buy denim 15

These skinny-cut jeans get comfort points, thanks to their 98% cotton and 2% elastane makeup. The Sleenker will look great with an untucked button-down (as long as it hits just below the belt), or with a crisp tee and blazer.

484 Japanese Selvedge Jeans in Raw Indigo

buy denim 16Dark and slim, these are a wardrobe staple if you want to look like a first-class man. They are cut to sit below your waist and to support one or two rolls at the cuff. These are a true pleasure for the eyes.


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