DENIM TIPS: How to Seawash Your Jeans

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Today we would share to you all about how to seawash your jeans, this article an adaptation of some article from

If you have been worn your denim at least a years with continuously wearing, so now is the right time to wash your denim with the sand or everyone call it seawash. Literally sea doesn’t wash your denim, but sand does. Frictions from sand and fabric of denim will break the chain of ingido and cotton to be little molecule which have no color. Seawash can help you to make your fades more contrast and beautiful if you done in the right time and in the right way. So the fade will come up, can’t wait to see the result??

This is the method of how to sea wash your denim, check this out!

  1. Firstly, make sure your raw jeans have served you for some time before you performing this holy experiment. Wear them and go to the beach.
  2. Now that you put your raw jeans on and you are standing by the beach. It is nice to take the obligatory pre-wash photo so you can compare the post-wash result to see how far have you gone on your ideal fade and of course, you can show it to the world later.
  3. At this point, hold your breath and jump into the water. Play, swim and make frolic as much as you desire in the water.
  4. Now get off the water, take a good sit on the beach.Roll around in sand and rub it evenly over your jeans or in the areas that you want to distress the most such as thighs for whiskers, hamstrings, back of knee for honeycombs and all.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you are satisfied or tired. Be aware that the more times you do it the lighter your raw jeans will be.
  6. Now as you are done with the previous steps, go back in the water to play again to rinse off excess sandto make the next step easier while you can have some fun.
  7. Rinse your jeans in fresh water and be ready to get the new look of your jeans.
  8. Wear them until they are dry or hang dry in the sun.
  9. Voila!
sea wash

Try it by yourself denimian!

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