Today, proudly present a new article that we called it “DENIMSQUAD STORY”.

“DENIMSQUAD STORY” is an story that tell by an expert denim heads or founder/CEO of denim brand.

Today, we had the opportunity and also permit from Nudie Jeans to tell about the story of Maria Erixon, Founder/Creative Director of Nudie Jeans.

Here you go!

I knew that if you made the money your main objective, you would soon find yourself in a bad place| Maria Erixon


Mariana erixon was super powerful woman, she has a big dream and never give up to catch it. You can see now, who doesn’t know Nudie Jeans?? One of her dream come true.

She grew up in Vetlanda, a small town in the middle of Sweden. She loves draw very much, it’s her own world. From that small town also, she finally find what she really love about as we called it passion.


The very first time she start in love with raw denim was when she came to the Gul & Blå jeans store when she visited her sister. For her, jeans were linked to culture. That was in 70’s and there was a denim enthusiasts in Stockholm. Even the King wore patched jeans. Vetlanda had only one store that carried Levi’s 501 Shrink to Fit. She went there every day after school, she wanted that jeans being her christmas gift.

She used to be a cartoonist and school at HDK, an arts school in Göteborg, where she studied graphic design. But, because of her passion of drawing a sketch of jeans, she eventually quit from that school and be a art director of JC clothing.

After ten years she finally move out to Lee, but she was not interested in Lee’s mission, she wanted to develop the brand’s expression with long term business not to sell a lot of product with none strengthen the brand.


At that time, she was very brave to run her own brand as we know “NUDIE JEANS”, that’s never be easy at the beginning. She has ordered 2000 pair of jeans and all of them were sewn incorrectly. She was down at that time but she never give up and fortunately she has a partner Joakim that always support her.


When they start again, they contacted Palle Stenberg, who worked for Levi’s, and asked him to work for them. Together they formed a strong trinity. She developed the design and the brand philosophy. Joakim built the company and made sure to keep us independent. Palle met with agents and buyers all over the world. We were keen never to adapt to the demands from different markets. It was a dream about bringing a consideration for the environment and human rights into every aspect of the production.

Nowadays, Nudie Jeans is such a big company and they’re doing so many things. She is a creative director. Her role is to develop the brand and make sure that in every detail should be able to breath, smell and taste Nudie Jeans core values. She is trying to make sure that, while they’re growing, They keep their feeling and resist involvement. They’re still cherishing the same core values. Independence is priceless.

Nudie jeans product are made of organic cotton. Nudie jeans also the first brand that concern in recycled, recreated and reused. They want to make you wear your denim as long as you can with here and there repaired that you just throwaways than buy a new pair of jeans.



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