Denim Yoga Pants

Today we would like to share to you about the innovations of denim.

Who doesn’t like yoga?? Nowadays, yoga is happening, most of woman loves yoga, especially acroyoga.


Do you know what the special it is?? You won’t even imagine, ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, denim mills expand they area, yes! They make an innovations of Yoga Jeans.

Can you believe it denimian?? Most of people has the same stigma of denim, denim is hard, uncomfortable and are used only for casual wear.

But, now you can wear your denim for yoga, Yes definitely!!!

The innovations in the leggings-as-pants department can’t stop, won’t stop. In the latest stretchy pants news, Silver Jeans Co. and Uniqlo has announced they release of Yoga Jeans, a hybrid denim jean and yoga pant that promises comfort beyond your wildest dreams while also possibly passing for regular jeans.

That denim made from knit like denim. Knit like denim is a denim with a special twill. This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.

It Looks Like Denim, But Feels Like Sweatwear

Indigo Knit is made more or less the same way as denim. Cotton fibres are carted, spun, indigo dyed, and finally woven. Polyester and elastane are added to the cotton to increase flexibility and fabric recovery. Although Indigo Knit is in fact technically a woven fabric, it feels more like knitted sweatwear than denim. Jump into a pair of Indigo Knits and youโ€™ll be surprised by the soft touch and comfortable fit.

How We Give Indigo Knit Its Denim Look

We started working with Indigo Knit five years ago. Since then, technology has moved fast. Especially in terms of the treatments we can put the fabric through we are light years from where we started. Like denim garments, our Indigo Knit selection has been treated with both wet and dry processes such as 3D shaping, breaks and repairs, and different fading agents to get the naturally worn in look.

denim yoga pants


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