Today we got the opportunities to interview Mr. Nick Coe as a founder and Mr. David Shuck as a managing director of heddels.com or formerly rawrdenim.comHeddels.com is the most famous resources for quality clothing and accessories surrounding raw denim. Almost everyone around the world looking for heddels.com to get some information from education, styling tips, maintenance tips for denim and also recommendation of jeans and accessories brand.

Here you go!

“Don’t feel bound by the “rules” of raw denim and simply use them in a way that fits you best” – NICK COE

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

I’ve been wearing denim jeans ever since I could fit into a pair and honestly speaking, didn’t really think anything special of it until I discovered raw denim about 10 years ago. I think what initially attracted me the most to raw denim was the fabric’s texture. Unlike many who think raw denim is almost painful to wear at first, I actually find it more comfortable brand new than worn-in. As I went further down the rabbit hole and learned more, I was floored by how it faded and also by level of detail and peculiarity between the many makes and models out there. For something seemingly so simple as jeans, it’s amazing how much there is to know.

When did you start in love with Denim?


How did you start to develop Heddels/Rawrdenim.com?

The site was launched as Rawr Denim in March 2011 as a place that brought together information about raw denim. As the site and our interests evolved, we started exploring other types of fabrics/categories and similar sub-cultures. Eventually, it made sense to undergo a “refresh” so in October 2015, we changed our name to Heddels.

What does heddels.com mean to you?

Heddels.com is a place to learn about and understand products that use small scale artisanal production, promote quality and utility above all else, and materials that age and evolve with wear.

Please describe what is make you want to start a website which talking about denim?

I wanted to make it easier for people to learn about and get into raw denim.

What make you survive to build your own website?

Up until a couple of years ago, I worked part-time as a consultant and helped businesses with their online marketing.

Who is the target market for heddels.com?

In general, a Heddels.com reader is someone who has an affinity for “quality”. They aren’t interested so much in trends, but more so in the story, process, and composition of a given product.

Can you describe your creative process for find a good topic for heddels.com?

We try to be as helpful and insightful as possible when it comes to approaching a new topic. Whether that’s something as mundane as a new cotton type or as intriguing as an interview with a science fiction author, we want to provide something for the community that’s both entertaining and informative to not only help with your purchasing decision but also the reasons why.

Where does heddels.com inspiration come from?

Our inspiration comes from the hardworking people that are constantly creating new and exciting products for the community. From the strict rote reproduction denims to the latest fits and materials, everyone has a different interpretation and vision for what they produce.

Who is the most influence person/country/website for heddels.com?

Unfortunately there isn’t any one specific person/country/website that influences us! We draw inspiration from numerous sources, but primarily from folks within the industry creating and doing innovative things.

Can you describe heddels.com feature?

We try to keep things as simple as possible. It all starts with the idea, which once we feel is ready to be developed, is fleshed out a bit more then put through our writing and editing process. The idea eventually takes better shape in the form of an article and is published “live”.

Every years heddels.com make some of fade contest, what’s your purpose on it and what’s inspired you to make it?

It’s fun for readers to look back on and showcase some of the most extreme fades we saw over the last year. It’s also a great way to increase reader involvement, so many products are simply one way communication with the user–they buy their phone / car / breakfast cereal and that’s kind of the end of it. But with raw denim, the jeans aren’t really complete until they’re worn and broken in over the course of the jean’s life. Very few products have that sort of interaction.

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

There can be a lot of elitism and silly rules in denim head culture–not washing, looking down on non-selvedge, heavier is better–that many people can be self-conscious about starting their raw denim journey. But there is no wrong way to do raw denim, no matter how you wear it or how many times you decide to wash it. Raw denim is entirely about your personal style and your experience with the jeans, don’t feel bound by the “rules” of raw denim and simply use them in a way that fits you best.

Left: Nick Coe; Right: David Shuck

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