This weekend we will share tips about how to remove odors from your jeans without washing method. There’s some method that you can try at home.

But, all of these method not perfectly match with you, maybe just one or two method that suitable with you. But, why don’t you give it try first??

Here you go!

1. Air them out. Hang them in fresh air.

This will help remove smoke, fumes or smells that may be trapped in your denim. Ideal airing-out placement is outside if you can swing it, but a breezy (you can use a fan), sunlit room works as well. Bonus points for the nearby occurrence of leafy green plants, which can help absorb chemicals left over from the denim dyeing process.


2. Spray with isopropyl alcohol 

Mix with water in a spray bottle until the isopropyl alcohol ratio is about 60-70%. Spray it liberally on the area in question. Alcohol dries odorless, kills bacteria, and will successfully remove smells.

isopropyl alcohol

3. Put them in the freezer.

For denim, many in-fabric smells are created by bacteria, which can be killed by freezing temperatures. If you’re okay with letting your jeans hang out in the freezer for a couple of hours – a large canvas bag will protect them from the icy depths – it can be a great alternative to washing. And since the freezer’s already running, you’ll be conserving energy.


4. The baking soda method

For odorous patches on denim: mix baking soda and water into a paste, and apply to affected areas. Turn the item inside out if you need to. Allow it to dry completely, then brush off the baking soda with a stiff brush. Another method is to place the denim in a plastic garbage bag with half a cup of baking soda. Shake the bag vigorously and allow it to sit untouched for 10 minutes. Remove the denim, brush off the baking soda, and enjoy a fresh-smelling dud.

Baking soda

5. Two words: Lemon power.

Replace harsh dry-cleaning chemicals with something that came straight from the earth. Simply mix lemon juice and water and scrub it on a stain or smelly patch. Hang dry.


6. Fresh coffee grounds

Fresh coffee grounds in a bowl will absorb the sometimes musky or stuffy scent found in dresser drawers. If this method isn’t strong enough, try placing an item of denim in a brown paper bag, adding the coffee grounds, and letting it sit overnight. No need to shake it up for the coffee to work its odor-absorbing magic.


7. Essential oils

Even if re-worn denim aren’t outwardly dirty or smelly, they can lose that fresh scent, the desire for which often drives us to wash unnecessarily. To freshen up yesterday’s outfit, mix a few drops of essential oils with water in a spray bottle and spritz on target areas. Lavender, lemon, clary sage, or grapefruit are all lovely options.



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