INTERVIEW: Adli Rafdi The Top Raw Denim Fade of 2015 by

Today we would like to share to you all our interview session with the winner of The Top Raw Denim Fade of 2015 by, the one and only Adli Rafdi @adlirafdia. He got a brand new pair of jeans worth up to $300 from Okayama Denimhe also got unlimited repairs on that pair of jeans from Indigoproof.  That was so amazing to be the winner of that contest.

Let’s check this out!

You are the winner of fade contest by, how did you feel about that?

To be honest, I still can’t believe I win over the entire contestant and got the shopping voucher to cross PBJ on my whist list, just can’t believe it.

Why did you want to participate on that contest?

Actually I’m not participating on that contest. After asking others about the contest, I found out that the heddels itself choose all of the 15 denim to be represented in the contest. But why my jeans got selected? It’s because I submitted it to rawrdenim website (now its heddels) and it end up like this.

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

My main reason is because of the fade, which is every person can create different fades from the others because of their activities and intensity on wearing their on denim.

When did you start in love with Denim?

In the middle of my first year in senior high school, it’s about 5 years ago.

Why do you want to break a new pair of rawdenim jeans?

Because of my prev pair has reach its limit and its own goal which is got faded perfectly. At that point, I absolutely seek another pair to break

What does your rawdenim jeans mean to you?

Companion. Because I will not wear any other jeans until it get faded completely, its different with sneakers or shirt which I can change it anytime I want.

What’s your favorite denim brand and why?

I love any brand that have a great fabric, nice details and proper fit.

What kind of your activity when you wear your jeans?

Nothing specific, just a college boy common activities, but I will keep wear it on any of my activities

Who is the most influence person/country for you?

Everyone, I can’t answer this question specifically… sorry.

Please give us a tips how to make an incredible fade like yours?

Just keep it accompany you on every activities you do, keep it unwashed as long as you can, and wash it just when you feel and don’t you ever give up on it comfortable for wearing it.

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

Don’t ever give up because it didnt give you a beautiful fades, keep breaking it until you feel satisfied. Peace!

To complete this interview session here we show you all, all the incredible fade from Adli, here you go!








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