Today, we’re so happy, because we have an opportunity to interview Mr. Asyfa Fuadi as a founder from LUMINTU HANDWOVEN DENIM.

Handwoven denim is one of an exclusive of denim fabric, which is you can make your own denim fabric with every spec that you want. That was awesome huh??

Here you go!

“Lumintu means everything to me. It is my life.” – ASYFA FUADI

D: Why did you fall in love with a hand woven for fabric (especially denim)?

I was born in Pekalongan, a town full of craftmanships. Batik, woven, tapestry, leather craft, etc. So I’ve lived with handicrafted surrounding since I was born. My grand father was the pioneer of handwoven in this town since VOC era and had a home industry that did handweaving of natural fibers (cotton, pineapple, ramie, etc). Making scarves, towels, sarong and many more. My father done the same things about handwoven. Both of them have their own innovated products. When I finished my textile engineering study at UII Yogyakarta, I was confused, what should I do with all that I got from my study and experience. In the same time, Pekalongan’s handwoven begin to dissolved as the market being ate by machinery woven fabrics. That caused so many handweaving home industry became bangkrupt. So, I started to think that I should have my own innovation with handwoven products. Not the “very traditional” ones, but the acceptable ones that everybody wants. I do love denim, and I realized that everyone at least has a pair of jeans. So I integrate that ideas. I can make products that everyone interested and maybe I hope I can save the handweaving culture before they meet their end. I hope that I am in the right way in regenerating the handweaving traditional culture. I don’t want to see that handlooms will not be used by anyone in the future because that modernization.

D: When did you start in love with hand woven?

You know, yes, I started in love with handwoven since I was child. Seeing the processes everyday, the people that connected because of the processes, the joy of them when they got the appreciation and credits from us and ofcourse, the products. We can customize so many different kind of fabrics due to the capability of the handloom and the craftman.

D: How did you start LUMINTU?

I started Lumintu with the help of my father making some fabic samples in my father’s mills. After the samples finished, i sent them to some brands in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. And they liked the fabrics and started to order the fabrics to me. For that first orders, I did handweaving in my father’s Mills using some second handlooms that I bought from a bangkrupt handweaving mills. After I had money from the finished orders, I rent a small and cheap house to become my mill. And the story begun…

D: Please describe what is make you want to start a hand woven industry?

Like I’ve written above, I was thinking to save handweaving culture with regenerating it. Also the people that put their life on the line with handweaving. Maybe, without I’m doing this, it will be okay 1,2,3 or maybe 5 years ahead. But with no one regenerate the culture, 10 or 20 years ahead will be no more handweaving and handwoven fabric in this town.

D: What does LUMINTU mean to you?

Lumintu means everything to me. It is my life. My time, my energy, my research, my development and my innovation are all here in Lumintu.

D: Can you describe how to starting and running a LUMINTU mills?

Yes, after I rent a small house, I started to move the handlooms from my father’s mills to the new small one and work with just 2 craftmen. I also did handweaving sometimes. Fabric orders and fabric orders I finished, I bought more looms and hired more craftmen.

D: What make you survive to build your own LUMINTU mills?

This takes a very hard and painfull processes and also the risks. I did ever failed and fallen. If you ask me what make me survive are faith and hope. And ofcourse people that around me never stop motivate me.

D: Who is the target market for LUMINTU?

The target market for Lumintu are denim lovers that appreciate traditional cultures and craft works, brands that want to go with exclusive fabrics and person who wants to make customize pair of jeans.

D: Where does LUMINTU  inspiration come from?

The name “Lumintu” inspiration came from ancient java language that means “continuous” and also used by many other business name because the good meaning.

D: Who is the most influence person/country for LUMINTU?

My grandfather is the most influence for me. He did well. He found many things and spread the works to craftmen in this town with no doubt and no fear that people can easily make the same products as he found. He loved to think and earned so many innovations.

Country? Of course Indonesia. We have so many traditional cultures that can earn very very good products if we do understand and combine them. Those dyeing cultures are great and our formers have given us those greatness for us to be advanced and developed.

D: Can you explain what kind of LUMINTU product?

We make apparel fabrics such as denim, chambray, oxford, canvas, scarves, etc. and we can develop them with some touches of batik, ikat and or natural dyes etc. we can combine them.

D: What inspired LUMINTU fabric?

The inspiration came from some friends that challenged me by showing a girl making a handwoven denim video. They said, “she can do that with handloom, how about you? You are a textile engineer”.

Because some mills have tried to make the handwoven denim and they all failed.

I try to analyze swatches from Japan (shuttle machinery loom) and India (handwoven selvedge). But they said, the swatches from India are not good enough because they have very loose tension, just like usual fabric, thick but loose. So they recommend me to analyze the machinery fabric ones from Japan. But it is impossible to do that kind of fabrics because they use machinery loom and I use handloom. After some researches and developments finally I got the right fabric construction for denim that can be done by handloom.

D: Can you describe LUMINTU fabric range?

Lumintu fabric range:

  • Chambrays and other plain fabrics
  • Denim fabrics
  • Natural Indigo Denim Fabrics

D: Please give us a tips how to maintain a fabric (especially denim) which come from hand woven fabric and natural yarn dye indigo?

It is very simple, if we want to keep the deep blue indigo color, just wear it and don’t wash it.

If we want the deep blue indigo color fades to light blue, wear it under the sunshine and rub it with hand oftentimes, wash less. Because natural indigo blue will be faded after each wash.

D: What do you want to say to all hand woven fabric enthusiast around the world?

Hmmm… I am not a senior yet, but I if I have chance to say.. I think we all have to keep earn creations and never stop innovating. Think, think, think and do.

For more information about LUMINTU HANDWOVEN DENIM kindly check this one:

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