Today we got the opportunities to interview Mr. Christian Hartana the founder of MISCHIEF DENIM . MISCHIEF DENIM is a Indonesian famous raw denim brand that was established from 2006.

Here you go!

“Denim is eternal and there’s always be something new to explore about it” – Christian Hartana

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

Because denim itself is a style staple that easy to mix and match and raw denim have a unique character in every each of fabric

When did you start in love with Denim?

Since I was a child

How did you start MISCHIEF Denim?

In 2006 I realize that raw denim is have place in Indonesian people but lack of Indonesian brand made denim that providing raw denim in more affordable than imported raw denim that famous in Indonesia that time. So I think about producing high quality denim that made in Indonesia so Indonesian denim geek can have their own high quality raw denim that much more affordable than imported brand.

What does MISCHIEF Denim mean to you?

I can’t describe with words. Its means a lot it’s like a dream come true to see that Indonesian people that loved denim getting bigger and bigger from year to year. The awareness of raw denim that Mischief send to them are well received.

Can you describe how to starting and running a denim brand?

I start this brand simply with passion and love to the denim because nothing beats the feeling of doing what I love and to run this all we need is following the development of denim all over the world but never forget the roots of denim itself

Who is the target market for MISCHIEF Denim?

Everyone who love denim, no matter the age, education background & occupation as long as they have passion on denim

Can you describe your creative process for MISCHIEF Denim?

Endless researching is the key and also doing benchmarking on one to another brand and variety of denim fabric. Not only doing internet research/by seeing it we usually try the jeans and comparing one and other kind of denim with variety of cutting to get the best thing from that and mix up everything good from it to make a high quality product that will fit best with the need of market.

Where does MISCHIEF Denim inspiration come from?

It can be from everything from country, people, behavior of people and their activities. Maybe from everything that happen to us everyday can be inspiration of denim

Who is the most influence person/country for MISCHIEF Denim?

From United States and Japan

Can you explain what kind of MISCHIEF Denim design/cutting?

Superior quality denim in the hands of an experienced craftsman & provide you garments that are timeless in style and quality, fusing traditional craftsmanship and modern silhouttes

Can you describe MISCHIEF Denim range?

We focused on raw denim and denim related item start from jeans, t-shirt until key chain

Please give us a tips how to maintain and make an incredible fade from MISCHIEF Denim?

Wear your denim everyday, everywhere treat them like they’re your best accompany for you everyday that so your denim with reserve your story and your fade you get will tell people you story you’ve been through with it.

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

Denim is eternal and there’s always be something new to explore about it, so don’t let your passion on denim goes off.

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