Today we will share to you about sanforized and unsanforized denim.You all definitely have been confused in choosing the right denim what would you buy, don’t you?? Sanforized or unsanforized??

Here, we make a comparison between sanforized and unsanforized. Perhaps this article will help you to choose what the right denim would you want to buy.

Every denim have their own characteristic and uniqueness, moreover everyone have their own style and taste. There’s some people who like sanforized denim, besides there are also who likes the otherwise. So, this article will lead you to know the definition of sanforized and unsanforized denim. Eventually you will choose the right one by yourself.

  • Sanforized Denim

This is when unsanforized denim is taken through a mechanical process that heats, stretches, adds moisture, and shrinks the denim off the loom so that it will not shrink with wear or washing.

rawr denim 2
A diagram of sanforization process source:

This is denim that is most common with many brands because it ensures that they won’t shrink when you wash them. After the denim is pre-shrunk, many manufacturers will singe the hair off of the denim so that it’s more uniform in appearance which will result in uniform fades as well. The sanforization process was created by a man named Sanford Lockwood Cluett and it was patented in 1930, six years later (1936) Blue Bell which is now Wrangler used it on their Super Big Ben Overalls to keep them from shrinking in the wash; they became quite popular and the technique is still continued today. Ultimately, sanforized denim is the most common type and purists will not touch it but there’s nothing wrong with the denim, it’s just been given extra treatment so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

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Sanforized denim on 3sixteen SL-100X source:
  • Unsanforized Denim

This is a term referred to denim that is UNTREATED and UNTOUCHED after the completed weaving process, it’s also known as “Loomstate Denim.” Basically if you’ve ever handled rigid denim you’ll learn that unsanforized denim is very similar in touch and texture, the only difference is that unsanforized denim has to be pre-soaked for a certain time in order for it to shrink which is why many manufacturers of unsanforized denim will tell you to size up one or two sizes depending on how you want your denim to fit. Typically unsanforized denim will shrink up to 3% but it differs by manufacturers. Yet many people will choose unsanforized denim because it is untouched from the loom which it was created which allows for unique fades every where which are unique to that brand of denim, each brand of denim that creates unsanforized denim will always have indigo colors and fades associated with that brand. The fades from unsanforized denim will be irregular and a bit slubby in appearance because of the unaltered fabric. Remember, not all unsanforized denim will shrink the same way according to the instructions, each pair of denim is as different as each person, it’s how it is so just this as a guideline because the temperature of the water you use, how often you agitate the jeans, and what kind of detergent (or none) you use all depend on how much the denim will shrink. Unsanforized denim will create much better fades between washings as it was never treated to begin with.

More for unsanforized jeans you might haven’t know.

1. It is highly recommended you soak before your first wear making the pair shrink to the most. Or else you will find it shrink more that you could not wear if you give it the first soak after a one year worn.

2. Buy two or three size up and three inches more than the actual length you want, depends on brand.

3. Most of unsanforized denim are bound to get leg-twisted. Left-hand twill twists to the front. Right-hand twill denim twists to the back.

4. If you don’t know if it’s sanforized or not, don’t predict. Just ask the shop. Don’t risk. There is hugh difference between 3% and 10% shrinkage, trust us.

5. Most of the pair with 34” or 36” length are unsanforized such as Evisu’s, Samurai’s. Well, there is an exception. Some brands like A.P.C.’s and Dior’s also make unsanforized denim for the pair with 36 inches long.

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Unsanforized Denim on Flat Head 3012 source:

In the end sanforized or unsanforized are awesome by themselves. Wear your denim as much as you can, as rough as you can, as hard as you can and you’ll get your beautiful fades. Now that the difference has been explained, you’re more than welcome to choose a pair denim based on this information. This information will help you to chose the proper size for your raw denim desires so that you can get started with a wonderful relationship between you and your chosen pair of denim.

Happy Friday eveyone!


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