Today we are so happy because we had an opportunity to get closer with Kelly Harrington, the famous denim dudettes from London, UK. She will share a story about her life as a denim collector and also her experience in this industry.

Let’s check it out denimian!

Why did you fall in love with a denim?

I like that its easy, timeless and can be dressed up and down. I wear all kinds of denimstyles, raw, high fashion, boyfriend, vintage, patched, embellished and workwear! I thinkI’m drawn to denim because in my job role I’m always looking for trends and denim to meis a cult classic and has always been in my wardrobe from a teenager. I like how denim tellsa story about the wearer and grows better with age.

When did you start to love denim?

I became passionate about denim from a young age. My earliest denim memory is from myteenage years. I begged my parents to buy me a Levis trucker jacket for my 22nd birthday.I still have it and wear it to this day, it recently got a customised chainstitch make over in LA. I also I remember my dad went on a business trip to Americaand I gave him a mission of tracking down some black Calvin Klein jeans that I had been ogling over.

How did you start to be denim collector?

I’ve kept most of my denim from my teenage years, trends have come and gone but denimis a lifelong wardrobe staple, its familiar and nostalgic.These days new denim brands are elevating classic silhouettes with clever twists. It’s aboutmaking denim fabric that is hugely familiar into something new.

Please describe what makes you want to be a denim collector?

I didn’t consciously collect denim it just happened over time. I found I couldn’t part withmy old denim. I like that my clothes tell stories. I am nostalgic about all my clothing, I keepa sentimental box of denim I don’t wear anymore.

What does denim mean to you?

Timeless, classic, effortless and personal.

Where does your style inspiration come from?

I take my style inspiration from style icons from past and present. Like Jean Shrimpton,Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen and Jane Birkin. I’m a huge fan of street style and watcha lot of old movies. Travelling feeds my mind with style inspiration, Tokyo is like steppinginto another world, I find inspiration in the everything around me. Trends in japan areextreme and I love people watching. I am amazed with the culture, a mix of old and newtraditions. I’m particularly fascinated with the Japanese indigo dying techniqueShibori and the mending techniqueBoro.

What kind of denim designshave you always worn?

I’ve always worn my staple denim jacket it travels with me everywhere. It looks equallygood with a fancy dress as it does with a pair of jeans.

Youre known as a Trend Forecaster, can you tell us what do you do when you’reforecasting some trend?

I’d say 50 % of my job involves a lot of research, analysis and instinct. Travelling helps tosee a global perspective of what’s on trend.

We also know that you’re one of famous “Women in Denim”, can you explain what isyour signature style?

I think my style is pretty simple, I wear denim nearly everyday. I spend my day-to-dayresearching and analysing ever-changing fashion trends, but denim has become my go-to. Ilike to wear a blank canvas to be able to think straight. I hardly ever wear prints. Thecropped flare Jean is my new go to Jean of the moment my favourite is J brands Selena cut & Paige Jean Colette crop flare.

What do you want to say to all denim enthusiast around the world?

Connect with your local denim scene, I have found many denim friends who appreciate thesame love of denim as me through connecting.I’ve also got to know new up and coming brands and talent across the industry.

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