The Different of Ring Yarn and Open End Denim Fabric

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Today we would like to share to you about the different things from ring yarn and open end yarn. Before that you should to know what the meaning of that.

Ring spinning is a method of spinning fibres, such as cotton, flax or wool, to make a yarn. The ring frame developed from the throstle frame, which in its turn was a descendant of Arkwright‘s water frame. Ring spinning is a continuous process, unlike mule spinning which uses an intermittent action. In ring spinning, the roving is first attenuated by using drawing rollers, then spun and wound around a rotating spindle which in its turn is contained within an independently rotating ring flyer. (source:

Open-end spinning is a technology for creating yarn without using a spindle. It is also known as break spinning or rotor spinning. The principle behind open-end spinning is similar to that of a clothes dryer spinning full of sheets. If you could open the door and pull out a sheet, it would spin together as you pulled it out. Sliver from the card goes into the rotor, is spun into yarn and comes out, wrapped up on a bobbin, all ready to go to the next step. There is no roving stage or re-packaging on an auto-coner. This system is much less labour-intensive and faster than ring spinning with rotor speeds up to 140,000 rpm. The Rotor design is the key to the operation of the open-ended spinners. Each type of fibre may require a different rotor design for optimal product quality and processing speed. (source:

Here’s some different things from ring spun yarn and open end yarn.

  • ♦ Ring Spun Yarn
    1. More durable
    2. Uneven surface
    3. Contain slubs
    4. More softer
    5. High cost production
    6. Can make a better fades, especially tate-ochi
  • source:
  • ♦ Open End Yarn
    1. Low cost production
    2. More uniform surface
    3. Yarn can absorb indigo dye deeper into the core
    4. Little bit hard to get a very contrast fades
  • source:
  • But in one pair of denim is possible to use both of that yarn on warp and weft.
    1. Ring X Ring
    2. OE X OE
    3. Ring X OE
    4. OE X RingIf you want to get a very contrast fades, make sure to buy denim from ring spun yarn.
    Hopefully you have a great day denimian!

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