Today we got the opportunities to interview Mr. Chie the founder of CHEESE DENIM. CHEESE DENIM is a famous raw denim brand from Malaysia.

Here you go!

Why did you fall in love with Denim (especially Raw Denim)?

Hmm..i guess it is because raw denim is rather unique. It is remarkable to see something so bold in color could change into something so interesting. All those fade marks are like paints on canvas

When did you start in love with Denim?

When I got my first pair of Levi’s selvedge & Studio D’Artisan SD-D01 back in mid 90’s. Much credit to be given to SD-D01 because I pretty much lived day in day out in that pair. Skated in it, went clubbing in it, dating in it. You name it, that SDA has seen it all.

How did you start CHEESE DENIM?

Well back in 2010 my wife was complaining how I used to alter all the jeans I bought regardless whether it was new or used. She said why not make your own jeans rather than keep on altering those pairs. And I thought yeah why not. The very first pair made was based on SD-D01 but with a slight tapering on the leg opening only.  It wasn’t even selvedge but it was raw and I think the denim is somewhere between 13.5 – 15oz. Some friends saw me wearing it and asked where did I get it, told them its my custom-cut jeans (didn’t say it was my own brand, never thought of it back then). Eventually made few for them & this went on till mid 2011 when CheeseDenim officially entered the market. Then again it was more of a side business kinda thing but by 2012 things started to get serious. By Jan 2013 I decided to quit my job and run the brand full time.

What does CHEESE DENIM mean to you?

It’s a part of me. Initially it was supposed to be Chie’s Denim but I don’t want to make it sound to personal so I settled for Cheese Denim.

Can you describe how to starting and running a denim brand?

Hmm starting a brand is easy but to keep it running is an entire different case.  The way I see, if you don’t have the passion might as well don’t do it.

Who is the target market for CHEESE DENIM?

Anyone that has interest in raw denim regardless of age as we do take custom order for other stuff like kids jeans, women skirt, apron, bags etc.

Can you describe your creative process for CHEESE DENIM?

I produced what I like my customers to wear.  Well in short I’ll come out with a cutting, make a sample out of it, washed it to test the shrinkage, test the fit and if I think its a go then it will be produced.

Where does CHEESE DENIM inspiration come from?

Hmm, i guess its jeans from those days.

Who is the most influence person/country for CHEESE DENIM?

Person- Levi’s designer who came out with that Levi’s 47, 66 & 78 cut (who ever you are, you’re the best!)

Country – Japan (for producing various interesting type of denim)

Brands – Studio D’Artisan, Warehouse, Resolute &Fullcount.

Can you explain what kind of CHEESE DENIM fit/design?

We’ve made many fit but those that are on going are the super skinny, skinny straight, slim tapered and tight straight. As for the selvedge models, our running fits are slim straight and tight straight.

Can you describe CHEESE DENIM range?

Our price range starts at MYR 170.00 – MYR 630.00

Custom order starts at MYR 220.00 onwards depending the fabric and detailing.

You can shop their product here.

Please give us a tips how to maintain and make an incredible fade from CHEESE DENIM?

Just treat it like it is the only pair of pants you have!

What do you want to say to all denim heads around the world?

The indigo is strong in you….(fading voice)


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