How to Choose Jeans for Kids

Hallo denimian!

There’s so many parents that loves denim and they also want to see their kids wear denim too, like we know that usually denim is very stiff and not comfortable for kids. But, nowadays there’s so many brand that sell jeans for kids. This weekend we want to share a tips how to choose jeans for kids, so here we go!

  • Fabric

You can choose jeans with organic cotton, either that fabric 100% cotton or with spandex. Denim fabric with organic cotton free from pesticides, so you can avoid allergies for your kids.

  • Twill

Broken twill and knit like denim is the most comfortable jeans for your kids. Because jeans that twill will fit to your kids body, so they can wear that jeans all day long.

  • Weight

Weight of denim is also the most important things that you should to consider in choosing the right jeans for your kids. You can choose light weight denim for your kids, because light weight denim is not stiff and will comfortable for your kids.

  • Wash

Maybe you are one of raw denim head, but you should to choose pre-wash jeans for your kids instead raw denim. Because pre-wash jeans already in treatments with physical and chemical process which is will make your jeans more comfortable and has a soft surface.


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