Themes of this event is a Origin of The Blue, which mean “blue” is a denim itself. In this event everything about denim is discussed, from technical of how denim is made, how to maintain denim, what kind of cutting of denim and many more. Everyone who come to Denim Squad Talk Vol. 2 Jakarta get a new experiences about denim.

Denim Squad Talk is a talk show and seminar aimed at sharing knowledge and experience in denim, including technical of denim,  creative industries, form a network of fellow denim enthusiasts and startup denim industry.

Denim Squad Talk Vol. 2 held on Sunday, August 17, 2016 13:00 to 17:00 hours in Ngopi Doeloe Bintaro Jl. Rempoa, Bintaro Pesanggrahan., JAKARTA, JAKARTA SELATAN 12330. This event is free, invite for denim enthusiasts and also open to the public.

DENIMSQUAD TALK Vol. 2, will be present as speakers M. Ali Akbar (Founder Comic Jeans / Denim House), Difki Dinurrahman (Product Development Mischief Denim), Fujiyoko Nagasaki (Lee Denim Specialist) and Putri Mayangsari (Founder Denim Squad).

Septian Pamungkas as a Managing Director of Denim Squad opened the event by explaining about Denim Squad from the beginning until today, also about next project of Denim Squad.  In first session of the talkshow, Putri Mayangsari as the Founder of Denim Squad share about Origin of the Blue. Origin of the Blue is an explanation of the origin of denim and also how to maintain our denim, she also give some little forecast about how those denim fades by weight, color and also cutting. The second session presented by M. Ali Akbar as the Founder Rumah Denim/Comic Jeans, discuss how he started up Rumah Denim/Comic Jeans and Ali share tips on how to build a business in the field of denim with a small budget, Ali also share the kinds cutting in denim.

Interspersed with chiptune performance of Shakaboyd and also fun games, the event continued with the third speaker Difki Dinurrahman as product development of Mischief Denim. Difki tells the beginning of Mischief who became one of the local brand that has established for 10 years, and Difki also be sharing about the products Mischief is a best seller. The last speaker was Fujiyoko Nagasaki, Lee jeans denim specialist who comes from Japan. Fujiyoko share about Lee jeans and also discuss the latest developments from Lee products that are already using the latest technology. The final section shows winner announcement of giveaway, sponsored by the sponsors and also sharing from the attendees about their experience of wearing denim.



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